Powerful earthquake swarm off Fiji and Tonga – M6.0 and M6.6 quakes


A strong earthquake swarm is currently hitting south from the Fiji islands and South-West from Tonga.

Earthquake swarm Tonga Fiji
Earthquake swarm Tonga Fiji

The swarm is taking place in the South Fiji Basin:

earthquake swarm South Fiji Basin
earthquake swarm South Fiji Basin

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Impressive are the magnitudes of the quakes…

The two largest, M6.0 and M6.6, occurred within seconds of each others (03:13:44 (UTC) and 03:13:51 (UTC), respectively).

They were followed by M5.5, M5.5, (2023-04-28 03:34:10 (UTC) and 2023-04-28 03:51:06 (UTC), respectively) and hours later a M4.5 and a M4.8. Interesting is that the two M5.5 also occurred very close to each other…

Is an underwater volcano awakening?

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  1. It is so weired California had no earthquake larger than 2.5 but when you see is for all of them .. California is shaking like the boobs of 40 pluses. California will soon witness pre lude to March 8 2024
    an quake of 7 pluses then for final shake down will be March 8 2024 sun eclipse.. Massive rains put on mega quakes in California mother of mega quakes is coming ! Why in California keep sealing cars now.. Is it test runs by AI?

  2. Earth Quakes are in as much as you see all , the reasons are under ground testing atom bombs without telling us. HAARP is so active that in Florida tornadoes picked up cars like a peace of a cake.
    We soon know the time and hours of earth stood up? USA is sold to UK and final destructions of world power by King of UK that Queen of London did not finished… Money for Ukraine yes but no money for USA? Massive economic earth quakes coming for world , Walmart closig with other chains , with mass lay off and new COVID or Ebola is coming to World and re-set all ver again with massive lock downs!

  3. Alaska Chignik Bay, 6.2 quake.
    Strong shaking
    Intermediate depth, 48 miles
    Antipode is in the ocean south of Afrika.

    * 8.2 mag there 2 years ago.

  4. Like SQ noted, notice the 666 message! Probably provoked by technology, which is out there, sound frequencies and such, look at what they are doing to the weather to drown out the agricultural states so their harvest gets ruined, to further their famine goals

  5. Yep, I think Manuel is right on about the undersea volcano awakening. I watched these quakes unfold last night, and that was my exact thoughts. Yes, I get so bored with lamestream news I watch eathquake/volcano news, and study the antipode quakes too. It is healthier than drinking, gambling, and chasing skirts. Ahhh hahah😁

  6. Pay attention to Oroville Dam. That’s the REAL triple six. It’s almost reaching full capacity and soon to overflow (May/June).
    Everything else pales when Oroville Dam gets busted.
    Wars have been started for less than that.

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