10 UFO investigators who died mysteriously under suspicious circumstances

List of ufologists killed mysteriously
List of ufologists killed mysteriously

1. Ron Rummel
He worked as an Air Force intelligence agent. In the years leading up to his death, he was the publisher of the UFO journal Alien Digest. Some of the topics discussed in this magazine revolved around the idea that aliens have indeed been present on Earth for a long time.

2. Ron Johnson
He was one of the ufologists who worked for the MUFON organization, the main UFO community in the United States. In June 1994, he was at a MUFON meeting in Texas when he suddenly collapsed to the floor, dead.

3. John Murphy
He was not a direct UFO researcher, but a radio journalist who just happened to be in Kecksburg at the right time in December 1965, when the famous incident occurred with a likely UFO crash in these places.

4. Tony Dodd
In the 1990s and early 2000s, Tony Dodd was one of the leading British ufologists. The fact that he had a long career as a police detective under his belt only made him much more reliable regarding the incidents he investigated.

5. John Mack
He was killed by a drunk driver in London in 2004 and his death is still considered highly suspicious. Mack was a Harvard University professor who once became fascinated with UFOs and began to study cases of alien abductions. In the UK, many consider him one of the first “academicians”. serious about ufology.

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6. Ann Livingston
UFO researcher and MUFON member Ann Livingston died in 1994 from a fast-acting and very aggressive form of ovarian cancer. However, many of her MUFON colleagues and close friends began to wonder if her multiple UFO sightings and subsequent encounters with the Men in Black could have been related to her tragic death.

7. Jim Keith
The death of explorer and writer Jim Keith could very well be the result of a series of coincidences, but they seemed rather strange. Keith’s first activity was to study the work of Danny Casolaro (an investigative journalist whose death was also suspicious). In his book, The Octopus claimed that Casolaro’s claims about the existence of the Octopus group were real. This shadow group allegedly controls many world events.

8. James Forrestal
On the night of May 22, 1949, James Forrestal, the very first United States Secretary of Defense to retire a few months before that date, jumped off the 13th floor of the Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland.

9. Morris K. Jessup
One of the first American UFO researchers was Morris K. Jessup, author of the 1955 book The Case for UFOs. Little did Jessup know that the release of this book would set off a series of events that would lead to his tragic death.

He was murdered by Otto Skorzeny, Hitler’s bodyguard and spymaster. “When I asked Skorzeny about these six men, he laughed and told me that Al Bielek is allegedly a former Nazi and ‘government stooge’ who works for the Pentagon. Valle, Allende, Bielek, Nichols, Shelton and Lazar are all allegedly CIA disinformation spreading ‘bullshit artists’. Skorzeny emphatically stated ‘if they really knew anything about Operation Rainbow Project or flying discs, I would have been ordered to kill them as I did with Dr. Morris K. Jessup.’

10. Phil Schneider
The final and most controversial person on our list of UFO investigators who died mysteriously is Phil Schneider. In the early 1990s, Phil Schneider began a series of public lectures in which he claimed to have worked for the US government at various underground facilities. And it was during this work that he witnessed a real battle between underground aliens and employees of a military underground base near Dulce in New Mexico.

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And a last one to finish the list:

11. Dr. Karla Turner
She focused on the psychology and ethics of those alleging that they had been abducted, visited, probed and tormented by extraterrestrial beings. Ted Rice on Spotify goes into this in depth (Ted was threatened himself and hid for the last 20 years but he’s 80 now and talking: https://open.spotify.com/show/6kKs4pmpW49q65lmn96D3a)

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  1. Ai killed them since they rule the world now…It was a show off by AI ! Also major Iranian UFO in 1976 was greatest in the world.
    ehran UFO incident, 1976: Iranian fighter jets chase a UFO

    Although there are many UFO sightings among pilots and air traffic controllers, one case in particular serves to shatter the myth that trained observers don’t see UFOs. In September of 1976, the Iranian Air Force scrambled two Phantom jets to intercept a luminous, shape-shifting object drifting over the capital city of Tehran. But every time the jets approached it, their equipment failed, and the object darted away. The case is exemplary for involving a mix of radar data, physical effects, and multiple independent witnesses, and a classified report proves that it drew attention from the highest levels of the US government – despite official insistence to the contrary. I saw it in Iran still i have PTSD !

  2. Aliens are demons/fallen angels. They will deceive even the very elect with their handsome lies. NASA is a complete fraud which costs 3 billion dollars a year here in florida when we could’ve spent it on homeless care, healthcare, autism care etc. Earth is not a spinning ball nor a globe and the sun is not a massive gigantic ball.

  3. I can’t think of anymore ufo researchers to die unexpectedly, but there are a few folks to invent machines that make energy that have died.

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