Dudes what the heck is going on in Texas lately?


ONE day after Texas saw ‘massacre at mall’ leaving 8 dead, now another 8 dead after car runs into pedestrians in Brownsville, Texas…

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They said on the news just now that it was mostly Venezuelan migrants, and that there’s a homeless shelter across from the bus stop.

And finally they said that the driver was at the hospital and they were getting blood for a toxicology report. I didn’t hear if they were injured. So far they’ve been charged with reckless driving just to keep them for 24 hours while they investigate to see what other charges are needed.

BTW, officials probe Texas mall shooter’s possible link to white supremacy… Divide to better conquer…

Maybe somebody was angry about all of those migrants crossing the border illegally? Maybe it would have never arrived if they had better controlled the flux of migrants across the southern border… I think this is just the beginning… Just wait until they open the borders completely…

[ABC News]

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  1. Who is going to pay for this invasion? One report stated illegal aliens cost taxpayers over 100 Billion per year. That will obviously double or triple now that bozobiden is sending troops to help process the 6,000,000 extra illegal aliens, and bus them into our cities. Nobody I know thinks this is going to Make America Great Again. If you think it will, then open your house and prepare a room for them.

  2. Yeah, well this is a whole lot more. 6,000,000 illegal aliens on bozobiden’s waath. This is clearly an invasion. Sørøs NGO’s sponsor it with our tax dollars too. Replacement theory, invasion, Cloward-Piven strategy —overwhelm the system.

  3. Title 42 ends soon. 24 buses full of diseases waiting to drive through for expense free living off the back of the taxpayers debt slaves. Plenty of fresh putos for the lefties too.

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