Illegal aliens: The situation in El Paso is so bad that even CNN is flabbergasted


El Paso mayor has declared a state of emergency. Biden is sending 1500 troops. The border has been lost…

El Paso illegal aliens waiting to cross into the US
El Paso illegal aliens waiting to cross into the US

On Monday, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre made an absurd claim: “When it comes to illegal migration, you’ve seen it come down by more than 90% under the Biden administration. And if that was the case, why did a Democrat mayor of a Texas border town declare a state of emergency?

Well, new footage from border town El Paso, Texas, shows a sobering view of a worsening migrant crisis that the Biden administration, liberal media, and progressive politicians have ignored for two years while calling anyone who pointed it out ‘racist.’

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Here some crazy videos from around the web:

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If CNN and MSNBC can no longer cover for the Biden administration, then they’re in trouble… [Zero Hedge]

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  1. The fallout from the DJT “precursor/fake v” things and the 1 in 5 ASD “neurodiversity/1 in 36” catastrophe. Anne Dachel’s research would make you know why so many young people here cannot reproduce or work any paying job… USA Babalon has fallen and her destruction is knocking at the door.

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