Switzerland about to vote on extension of Swiss Covid Act – Govt wants to extend the law even if the pandemic is over!


The Swiss are the only people in the world who have been able to vote on their pandemic-management laws. On June 18, they will vote on the Covid-19 law for a third time. I support the referendum committee and I am against the extension of the C19 law.

Swiss Covid Act votation June 18 2023
Swiss Covid-19 law: On the 18 June 2023 the Swiss electorate will vote on the Amendment of 16 December 2022 to the COVID-19 Act.

On June 18, 2023, the people of Switzerland, the country where I live, will be asked to vote on whether or not, they want to extend the Swiss Covid Act that was instated on December 16, 2022.

Federal council and Parliament are for the extension of the law

The Federal council and our parliament are of course for the extension:

‘The coronavirus remains unpredictable. It is hard to say with any certainty how it will develop. The possibility that dangerous variants of the virus will emerge again cannot be ruled out. Parliament has therefore extended the period of application for the legal provisions on certain measures in the COVID-19 Act until mid-2024. This enables the authorities to act quickly in an emergency to protect particularly vulnerable people and the healthcare system. A referendum has been called against this extension.

‘By extending the application of the provisions, medicines for severe COVID-19-related diseases can continue to be imported and used, even if they are not yet authorised in Switzerland. The Confederation may continue to issue a COVID certificate, especially if this becomes necessary again in order to travel abroad. It can also require employers to protect particularly vulnerable people, for example by allowing them to work from home. In the event of any border closures, the federal government must ensure that cross-border commuters can continue to enter the country. The currently deactivated SwissCovid app can be reactivated if required. If the bill were to be rejected, these provisions would cease to apply in mid-December 2023.’

I support the referendum committee and I am against the extension of the C19 law

I support the referendum commitee and I am against the extension of the C-19 law in Switzerland… I hope many others will vote against it. I will tell you more in 3 weeks…

What measures are contested in the referendum?

The Federal Council lifted all remaining Covid-19 measures just over a year ago, so re-opening the debate might seem surprising. But the reason for the renewal of the debate is due to the parliament’s decision to extend the measures of the Covid-19 law until June 2024.

The referendum’s main points of contention are the provisions of the Covid-19 law that regulate Covid certificates and the SwissCovid contract-tracing application. It also addresses the rules governing foreigners and cross-border employees during border closures, regulations protecting vulnerable individuals, and support for development of Covid medications.

A number of the Covid-19 law’s measures were not extended and expired at the end of 2022. These include federally funded Covid tests as well as financial support for cultural institutions, sports associations and large-scale events.

What are the main arguments in favour of the law?

The extension of the Covid-19 law gives the government a legal basis for reinstating proven measures in the case that a new wave of infections occurs. It allows the authorities to react quickly to protect vulnerable people and give additional support to the healthcare system.

In concrete terms, the Covid certificate or the contract-tracing software could be reactivated if necessary. The law also guarantees international compatibility of the Covid certificate in order to allow ease of travel to countries that might require a certificate.

The extended measures would also allow for the importation and use of medicines for severe cases of Covid, even if they have not yet been formally authorised for use in the Swiss market.

What are the main arguments against the law?

The referendum committee believes the pandemic is over and therefore think that extending the law is unnecessary. It also maintains that the health measures taken by the government were disproportionate, did not provide the promised protection and instead caused conflict and discrimination.

The opponents of the Covid-19 law argue that a Covid certificate should never be reinstated because it is discriminatory and useless. They accuse the certificate system of having created a two-tier society. They also argue that a regular vaccination certificate is sufficient for travel abroad. They denounce the law for being antidemocratic and says it gives the Federal Council too much power.

Who is for the law and who is against it?

The Federal Council, a large majority of parliament and the business community support the law.

The right-wing Swiss People’s Party is the only party in the federal government that opposes the latest changes to the Covid-19 law. It is the country’s biggest political party and has consistently criticised the Federal Council’s management of the pandemic. It also opposed the Covid-19 law in the November 2021 vote.

My comment: In other words… If you are against a policy, you are a white supremacist… Like everywhere around the world… Isn’t it?

What will happen if the law is rejected?

The extension of the Covid-19 law was declared urgent and went into immediate effect after its approval in December. If it is voted against in the June referendum, all of the measures that have been extended will be suspended mid-December 2023. At that point, there will be no existing legal basis for creating or monitoring a Covid certificate or for reactivating the contract-tracing application if a new spike in coronavirus cases occurs.

In the two previous referendums, the Swiss have supported the governments pandemic mandate. In June 2021, 60.2% of the public voted in favor of the Covid-19 law, and in November 2021, 62% of voters supported the law despite a tense campaign and numerous demonstrations.

I support the referendum commitee and I am against the extension of the C-19 law in Switzerland… I hope many others will vote against it. I will tell you more in 3 weeks…

For those interested, here are the referendum information, I just received yesterday per post. You will be able to translate it (it’s in German) easily with any apps on your phone or computer.

COV19 Act Switzerland

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  1. My coworker just got over covid. Was off for a week. Just because everybody is rebelling against common sense and bullying others into not protecting themselves doesn’t make the pandemic “over”.

  2. The only pandemic we’ve had was from the vaccines. Old people weren’t dying in nursing homes at much higher than usual rates until they started forcing the death jabs and young athletes weren’t dying on the tennis courts, basketball courts and soccer fields until they started lining up for the death jab either. And airline pilots weren’t slumping over the flight controls until they were forced to take Pfizer Moderna and all the other poison injections as a condition of continued employment.

    The so-called “right wing council” is making serious language concessions just by saying the pandemic is over when they know good and well that it was the vaxxx that caused all the increase in deaths.

  3. to the swiss people if you have the debold voting machines then you can just forget honest and fair voting your government will win every time im told that you the people of switzerland are the amry and that you are well armed….i would suggest you get ready to use those arms to defend your selves from a mad dog government and dont take the death jab either…inever looked up what portoin of your population has been vaxxed at 69.76% of the swiss being vaxxed your best hope is that the monsters in your government were actualy stupid enough to take it also…which will leave the unvaxxed to inherit the world in just a few short years buckle up folks this is gonna be a wild ride…………………..

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