CANADA: Public school teacher tells Muslim students “You don’t belong here” after some skip Pride Week

CANADA: Public School Teacher Tells Muslim Students “You Don’t Belong Here” After Some Skip Pride Week
CANADA: Public School Teacher Tells Muslim Students “You Don’t Belong Here” After Some Skip Pride Week

A public school in Edmonton, Alberta is under fire after a teacher was caught berating Muslim students in her class for reportedly skipping “pride activities.”

A disturbing audio recording is being circulated on social media in which a female teacher at Londonderry School can be heard yelling at her Muslim students and telling them that they “don’t belong” in Canada.

Her outrage was apparently caused by the fact that some of them did not attend the school’s LGBTQ-themed activities to mark Pride Month.

Are Muslims finally below LGBT+ on the oppression hierarchy?

And they get surprised when Muslim parents protested yesterday in Maryland to be able to opt out (not even ban books or anything just opt out their kids from the events)…

Schools shouldn’t have pride week or days for that matter. They don’t really do this for any other event, so why does that group get treated so specially? And I’m glad to see some resistance from other faiths like Muslims, we need more of this. Now this teacher should be fired. This is the definition of discrimination.

Pride is becoming (or is already) a cult… [MORE]

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