Former President of the National Assembly in France, Richard Ferrand, calls for changing the French Constitution to allow Macron a 3rd presidential term

Macron and Ferrand
Macron and Ferrand

Former President of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand, silent since his defeat in the legislative elections, spoke again a year later in an interview with Le Figaro this Sunday, June 18. This was the opportunity for the very close friend of Emmanuel Macron to discuss the current political context and pass on some ideas.

Richard Ferrand believes that the government should review certain rules of the French Constitution.

Asked about the fact that the Head of State cannot run for a third term, the early Macronist said to regret everything that restricts the free expression of popular sovereignty:

The limitation of the presidential mandate in time, the non-cumulation of mandates, etc… All this corsets our public life in rules which limit the free choice of citizens. It weakens our political life in quality and density, and makes it less attractive.

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  1. It’s there country they make their own choices.They will regret it [if it happens]in the end.
    Somehow I believe they tried this before.It ended with civil war and their leaders losing their heads quite literally.
    Some refuse to learn from history and continue to repeat it
    Sorry to say you can’t fix stupid.

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