Huge win for privacy: Meta must pay 1.2 billion euros for violating the EU regulation GDPR


Huge win for privacy: Record fine against Facebook thanks to Max Schrems. Meta must pay 1.2 billion euros for violating the EU regulation GDPR…

Who else wants to see Facebook fail so much and go broke?


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  1. How much goes to the agencies versus the users? It’s a win for privacy though.
    Sorry, I am tired of government’s getting the lions share, when it’s the account holders, who have suffered the most, getting the least.
    The ungodly awards take money from the companies hindering their ability to fix issues.It also takes away from their compromised users.
    Better solution
    Courts could force public apology ,detailed report of steps needed and or used to fix said problem,restitution to users.If accomplished then the fine would be small.Otherwise sock it to them

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