NOW! Bud Light is co-sponsoring an ‘all-ages’ drag show party

Bud Light is co-sponsoring an 'all-ages' drag show party: 'Safe space' 'family festival event'
Bud Light is co-sponsoring an ‘all-ages’ drag show party: ‘Safe space’ ‘family festival event’

Despite tumbling sales and negative press coverage as a result of its partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, Bud Light is reportedly co-sponsoring an “all-ages Pride event” in Flagstaff, Arizona, according to the Flagstaff Pride website.

The party, which is called “Pride in the Pines” and includes drag queens and other performers, lists Bud Light as one of the companies sponsoring the June 17 event. (Bud Light is mentioned prominently in one of the posters.) The event is listed as a “family festival event” and a family-friendly, “safe space” for all visitors.

Other big-name companies sponsoring the all-ages event for Pride Month include Old Navy, Toyota and Coca-Cola USA, according to an event flyer.

Here’s an idea, Anheuser Busch:

With Canadian raging fires now, why not send all the unsold Bud Light to help quench the fire? Doesn’t have to be water to put it out, and you get some needed good publicity for a change!

Just a shot… [MORE]

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  1. Just found out they raised a rainbow flag across Iwo Jima.These C%%k Su%%ing stinking filth need to be held accountable.Kill these perverted freaks any and everywhere you find them

  2. This has become downright revolting.
    One day of remembrance for soldiers one month for drag stars.Dont worry the reckoning is coming.They have abused everyone.
    Never forget this is all about abuse and control under the banner of diversity.

  3. Outstanding! If they are determined to die by a thousand different cuts, we should help them along by boycotting their entire product line!

    The can’t bleed profits forever ……

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