Ukraine accuses Russia of blowing up another dam

Ukraine Accuses Russia Of Blowing Up Another Dam
Ukraine Accuses Russia Of Blowing Up Another Dam

Ukraine has accused Russia of blowing up another dam as part of its efforts to blunt the Ukrainian counteroffensive underway in the south and east of that country. Details are still emerging, but the dam in question is along the Mokri Yaly River, in western Donetsk, in a region where Ukrainian forces are said to have made their biggest gains. The incident comes six days after a significant portion of the larger Kakhovka dam was blown up, causing extensive flooding in the Kherson region, with both sides blaming each other for the destruction.

The exact location of the dam is in the village of Klyuchove, in Russian-held territory. So far, there has not been independent verification of the dam’s destruction, although a time-lapse video presented below, from the Sentinel Hub satellite data provider, does appear to show almost all the water leaving the Staromlynivske Reservoir behind the dam. While Ukrainian accounts suggest some kind of explosion breaching the dam, it remains possible that Russian forces may have simply opened sluices to drain the reservoir as quickly as possible.

Again, Kyiv has blamed Russian forces for the attack on the Mokri Yaly River dam, with Valeriy Shershen, a Ukrainian military spokesperson responsible for the western Donetsk sector, telling the Ukrainska Pravda news agency that it was blown up by occupation forces, causing flooding on both banks. According to Shershen, the Russians blew the dam to “slow down Ukraine’s counteroffensive,” but he also claimed they had failed in this aim.

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