Weird that this cholera outbreak only hits Russian troops, no?

Cholera outbreak Ukraine Russian troops
‘Cholera’ outbreak after dam breach in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s troops were recently ravaged by a suspected cholera outbreak following the destruction of a vital Ukrainian dam, has learned.

In a startling development to come days after the Kakhovka dam in the Russian-occupied Ukrainian city of Nova Kakhovka was ruptured on June 6, dozens of Putin’s soldiers were reportedly rushed to the hospital.

According to the Daily Star, “several” Russian soldiers reportedly died after contracting cholera while nearly one hundred more were forced to be removed from the frontlines.

“Entire units from the Kherson direction located along the North Crimean Canal [lost] their combat capability and are taken to the rear for treatment,” a Ukrainian military movement reported on Monday. “Several Russian soldiers died.”

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The military group also said that the suspected cholera outbreak among Putin’s troops was “likely” due to the Russian soldiers drinking water “from open sources” because “there are difficulties with the delivery of bottled or simply purified water to the occupiers” as a result of ongoing flooding.

“Naturally, the explosion of the Kakhovka dam caused enormous damage to nature, revealing many diseases that we will hear about,” the group said. “We urge the residents of the Kherson region and the Crimea to be especially attentive to the water you consume.”

4.8 billion gallons of water reportedly surged down the Dnipro River as a result of the rupture as dozens of nearby towns and villages were flooded. Thousands of Ukrainian citizens were reportedly forced to evacuate.

Meanwhile, the nearly 5 billion gallons of water from the battered dam apparently flooded a number of nearby cemeteries – at which point Ukraine’s drinking water was contaminated with corpses.

Crops were also ruined, land mines were displaced, and electricity shortages intensified after the dam’s collapse.

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“Our water comes from the Dnipro – but now the cemeteries are flooded, so it’s not safe to drink,” one volunteer providing humanitarian aid said after the dam was destroyed on June 6. “Also there is oil in the water, the remnants of the power plant, and the mines.”

“There is a lot of water now in the city,” the volunteer added, “but there is no drinking safe water.”

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Ukrainian officials have since shared pictures of what appeared to be a car armed with bombs sitting atop the Kakhovka dam in the days leading up to the infrastructure’s destruction.

Although Ukraine blamed Russia for the dam attack, Moscow denied responsibility. [MSN]

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