Whatever happens next, do not comply…


There is just one thing to do: Fight the system…

what to do if the government re-implements COVID restrictions
what to do if the government re-implements COVID restrictions

You remember in 2021, when the first page of almost all newspapers in the UK was printed like this?

Soon, we will get it again.

You remember the frenzy? It was completely crazy!

Meanwhile, it seems that some UK Health Agencies are even calling citizens asking about their vac status.

People in the US, Canada and across Europe too… In the US, amidst the ongoing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, President Biden has unveiled a proactive strategy, intending to seek additional funding from Congress for the development of a novel COVID-19 vaccine. Furthermore, he suggested the possibility of mandating this new vaccine for all individuals, regardless of their prior vaccination status.

The COVID specter is back and is being pushed powerfully by all the governments and their propaganda arms, trying to enslave and poison the people…


Guys, it’s time to wake up!

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  1. I did not comply the first time and I was condemned. I will not comply again. I could not believe the people who fell for the BS, our Constitutional right were taken away and the public went along with it. It was a test and it worked.

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