The US government is concealing UAP existence to preserve capitalism

The US government is concealing UAP existence to preserve capitalism
The US government is concealing UAP existence to preserve capitalism. By Chris Malbon

Non human intelligence would prove countless theories, and totally shatter our reality. However, the most powerful and wealthy among us only stand to lose as we progress as a species. Renewable energy would invalidate the entire fossil fuel industry, advanced healthcare will default traditional medicine – i.e. no more chemotherapy profits or $200 insulin. Bipartisanship will lose power and we’ll stop killing each other instead of making changes. Here on Earth, we are finite and selfish.

If an extraterrestrial intelligence exists, it means someone did it better than us – meaning our governments aren’t doing it right and therefore will lose power. Religious ideology will lose its influence and we will see each other as a species, not as different races or groups. Despite all the good we are capable of, we act fundamentally against each other.

Our governments aren’t worried about how WE’LL take disclosure, they are only concerned with our economy and who’s wallet will be effected. The choice to knowledge of extraterrestrial life should not be kept up to those of us who have the power and money, who only know the secrets to keep them hidden. It is the the right of ALL OF US as a species to understand the universe, and to know about other intelligent life.

I have been staunchly very far on one side of the political spectrum for a while, but it was only this that finally made me realize that – political parties are pushed by our government to keep us segmented. If we fight each other, we won’t look to change what is above us. As long as we are killing each other, silencing each other, secrets will be safe.

Your government sees you as a pawn, livestock. Either a number they can outfit with a gun, or a number they stand to lose in nuclear war. We are not numbers. We deserve to seek an existence we have a right to. What we live now will be seen as a period of never-ending lies and hatred.

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