Mystery Strange Sounds From the Sky Baffle Anchorage, Alaska


Many Anchorage residents hear a weird noise during early-morning hours recently.

The loud noise comes in bursts, gets louder, then evaporates. People miles apart report the tone abruptly waking them up, sometimes once or even repeatedly for hours. But nobody knows waht’s causing this mysterious metalical groaning.

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Strange sounds in Anchorage, Alaska.

Last time it was heard was around 5 a.m. Monday. The tone woke up residents from Midtown to West Anchorage.

It’s been described as eerie, symphonic and also sporadic, sounding for about 20 seconds and then disappearing. It’s a sound that’s so internally loud. You feel the sound.

It’s almost like a foghorn, and screeching metal on metal. It sounds like a submarine scraping the bottom of a pool or something,” reports a witness.

Another victim describes the rumble “like underwater moaning.”

Anchorage weird noise available in the links below:

Anchorage sound recording 1

Anchorage sound recording 2 (without other noise disturbances)

Anchorage sound recording 3

Unexplained Source

The sound has been heard around Anchorage for years. There was a sharp uptick of reports on Saturday and Monday.

But officials and residents are still scratching their heads about the sound’s origin.

Theories range from UFO to more rational ones like snowplows, airplanes, runway construction or an electrical transformer.

Of course, one of the most popular theories are the Sky Trumpets, as recorded all over the world.

Despite being heard for miles, no one seems to know the origin. I do personally believe the sound is coming from the Earth and and is a sign of the End Times. More apocalyptic headlines on Strange Sounds or Steve Quayle. [ADN]

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