Prayers for the ranchers out there, we sure need a few for Three Mile Creek… South Dakota 2019 blizzard. Thank you to Dale Jessie Vocu for sharing this images of digging in the snow for unburied the cows for the strong winter blizzard this past Wednesday.

South Dakota’s governor closed state offices across much of the state as blizzard conditions move in from the West on Wednesday.

Offices in 49 of South Dakota’s 66 counties were closed Thursday as the National Weather Service warns of blizzard and winter-storm conditions a day after a massive late-winter storm hit Colorado.

Gov. Kristi Noem said only essential personnel in the affected state offices should go to work.

cattle buried snow south dakota video, cattle buried snow south dakota video march 2019
Cattle buried in feet of snow after South Dakota blizzard in March 2019. via Youtube

Heavy rain caused flooding in southern and eastern South Dakota, with water covering some roads and highways. Rain and melting snow have caused similar conditions in Iowa.

On Wednesday, blizzard conditions forced the closure of the Rapid City Regional Airport and a 263-mile stretch of Interstate 90 from Chamberlain to the Wyoming border.

The BOMB CYCLONE has broken many records… Even that of burrying cattle in feet of snow! Have some prayers for them!

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    Yes, nature knows no mercy.

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    Et il semblerait que des vaches soit isolées sur des petits îlots au Nebraska. Terrible!

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    F bc vc b b Why don’t these ranchers get these cattle to an area that is close to the farm barns or into loafing sheds etc? What the FUKK????????

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    Old Doc

    Ice Cream!

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    Old Doc

    Ice Cream!!!!

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    THERE was a time in america when THE FARMERS AND RANCHERS took care of their animals who depended on them,THEY HAD A BARN,SHEDS for all their animals to get out of the weather,BUT THEIR KIDS are FAT lazy pieces of shit,the out building are all falling down from lack of care and repair now.ITS everywhere you go..NOTHING IS BEING FIXED OR REPAIRED,and the animals are left outside to save themselves,I see dead cows after storms all the time here in colorado…..

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    Now they can’t advertise as “never frozen beef”

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