This Is How An Alien Invasion Could Look Like: The Great Martian War Mockumentary

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The Great Martian War tells the story of the catastrophic events and unimaginable horrors of WWI... When Humankind was pitted against a savage Alien invasion! With powerful and detailed First World...

Landfill Harmonic: People of Cateura in Paraguay Transform Trash Into Music

Landfill Harmonic, Landfill Harmonic trailer, Landfill Harmonic video, Landfill Harmonic documentary, Landfill Harmonic – Creating Beautiful Music on Instruments Made From Trash. Photo: Vimeo trailervideo
Landfill Harmonic- The world sends us garbage... We send back music This is the powerful title of this documentary trailer on Vimeo. Most people living in Cateura, Paraguay are poor. It's...

Surviving ISIS Massacre: The Incredible Story Of the Only Survivor of ISIS Iraqi Soldiers Massacre in June 2014

Ali Hussein Kadhim, Surviving an ISIS Massacre, soldiers Surviving an ISIS Massacre, documentary Surviving an ISIS Massacre, Ali Hussein Kadhim survivessurvivor isis soldier massacre, Ali Hussein Kadhim is the one and only survivor of the ISIS Iraqui soldier massacre perpetrated in June 2014. Watch his story in the documentary below. Photo: Bryan Dentonvideo
Surviving ISIS Massacre: This is the incredible story of Ali Hussein Kadhim. This Iraqui military recruit survived the ISIS massacre of hundreds of Iraqi soldiers last June 2014. An almost...

Forest Man: A documentary film about Jadav Payeng saving Majuli Island in India

Forest Man, Forest Man documentary, Forest Man documentary film, Forest Man on majuli island, majuli island forest man, Forest Man: A documentary film about a man that planted hundreds of trees to save his Majuli Island from
Jadav Payeng is planting hundreds of trees on an Indian island threatened by erosion since 1979. Forest man is a documentary film about him and his work. This really touching short film features...

The Centrifuge Brain: A Fun Documentary About Brain Manipulation and Freaky Roller Coasters

The Centrifuge Brain, Centrifuge Brain, documentary the Centrifuge Brain, the Centrifuge Brain documentary, the Centrifuge Brain mockumentary, strange roller coasters, amazing roller coaster, weird roller coasters, centrifuge brain rollercoaster, The Centrifuge Brain video caption, The Centrifuge Brain video caption. One of the terrifying and amusing roller coaster s in the mockumentary The Centrifuge Brainvideo
The Centrifuge Brain: A brilliant documentary about brain manipulation, excessive G-Force and prenatal simulations by Till Nowak. Will these terrifying and absurd roller coasters increase the cognitive functions of passengers? Dr. Nick...

The Salton Sea – A Post-Apocalyptic Wonderland

Salton Sea, Salton Sea youtube, Salton Sea video, Salton Sea documentaryvideo
Discover the rise and fall of the the Salton Sea community built around an accidentally created lake in the Colorado Desert of Imperial and Riverside counties in Southern California. As...

Ebola Gravediggers: Finding And Burying The Dead – Dirtiest Work Of The Ebola Outbreak

ebola, ebola gravediggers, ebola outbreak, disease outbreak, ebola 2014, ebola west africa 2014, A barricaded window on a house under quarantine. Credit Samuel Aranda for The New York Timesvideo
Ebola Gravediggers! In Sierra Leone, a group of young men take on the dirtiest work of the Ebola outbreak: Finding and burying the dead. In the campaign against the Ebola virus,...

The Landing: Short Film About The Horrifying Truth Behind An UFO Crash From The 1960s

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Australian short The Landing is one of those film’s that’s going to leave you with questions. Watch this short film about a man who returns to the Midwestern farm of...

Timelapse Of Planet Earth In Infrared Light Shows The Fluid Motion Of Water Vapor In The Atmosphere

Earth in infrared, Earth infrared water vapor timelapse, Earth in infrared video, timelapse infrared water vapor earth, earth in infrared video, earth infrared video timelapse, timelapse earth infraredvideo
This timelapse video presents planet Earth in infrared light! Look at the fluid motion of water vapor in the atmosphere... It is eerie! The video is based on photos taken by...

Camp Century: A US top secret underground base beneath the ice of central Greenland declassified

camp century, camp century greenland, camp century us in greenland, camp century declassified video, camp century underground us army city, camp century missili, camp century radioactive bombsvideo
Project Iceworm was the code name for a top secret US Army program during the Cold War to build a network of mobile nuclear missile launch sites under the...

Atlantis, secret tunnels and inner Earth mysteries

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Some of the oldest cultures speak of civilizations inside of vast cavern-cities, within the bowels of the earth. According to certain Buddhist and Hindu traditions, secret tunnels connect Tibet with...