Must see: New documentary video reveals mysteries about sacred Mount Paektu in NK and China, one of the largest and most dangerous volcanoes on earth which may soon explode again

mount paektu documentary video
Absolutely amazing documentary into one of the world’s most mysterious mountains. A top quality video.

This is a truly excellent documentary on Mount Paektu, one of the largest and most dangerous volcanoes on earth.

And yet, for the longest time, nobody could explain where it came from or why it exists.

This documentary discusses why this volcano is so unusual and how the geological mystery surrounding it could eventually be solved.

The only ‘bad’ comment concerns the title. It indeed doesn’t say that Mount Paektu is not just in China but also sits in North Korea:

Is it possible to edit the title to China’s/Korea’s largest volcano? Many Koreans consider Mount Paektu sacred as it’s considered the birth place of the Korean Nation (it’s even mentioned in the South National Anthem). Koreans may feel offended having their ownership of the mountain excluded in the video title. Great video though. And very informative.

Maybe it was omitted on purpose (because ‘Youtube’ is watching you)!?!

It is to note that international officials feared more tests at the Punggye-ri site could cause Mount Paektu to errupt.

And that the active volcano is currently recharging its two huge magma chambers.

I haven’t seen such in-depth and up to date documentary video in a very long time. Not like the usual Hollywood-like stuff with more cheap effects than info.

What do you think about this amazing documentary about Mount Paektu? Great isn’t it? More volcano news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Wow, great video and explanation of subduction zones and area plate tectonics.

    Beautiful crater lake. Wonder if there are some fish in there? I don’t take vacations anymore, but if I did, that would be something to see from a helicopter.

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