Mt St Helens before and after its deadly 1980 eruption

Mount St. Helens is most notorious for its major 1980 eruption, the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic event in U.S. history. Mt...

Deadly earthquake hits active Rinjani volcano on Lombok, Indonesia – Landslide traps 40 tourists at waterfall!

lombok earthquake kills tourists waterfall, lombok earthquake kills tourists waterfall video, lombok earthquake kills tourists waterfall pictures, lombok earthquake kills tourists waterfall march 2019
A M5.5 earthquake shook the Island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara at 2:00 p.m. (local time) and was followed by a M5.0 earthquake a few minutes later...

Sydney smashed with a month’s worth of rainfall in just 24 hours: Lightning, hail, flash flooding – Meanwhile CYCLONE forms off Queensland

sydney rain flash flooding, sydney rain flash flooding video, sydney rain flash flooding pictures
Sydney suburb has been smashed with a month's worth of rain in just 24 hours. Downpours and flash flooding were seen across the city throughout Sunday. Areas...

Officials preparing to SHUT DOWN the Cooper NUCLEAR POWER STATION after record rises in the Missouri River in Nebraska!

Cooper Nuclear Station still operating but preparing for shutdown as Missouri River hits record levels
Nebraska’s lone nuclear plant was preparing to shut down Friday in the face of record rises in the Missouri River. Security shut down should occur if the...

‘It is just all gone!’ Deadly ice jam destroys Spencer Dam and nearby highway – Cattle stranded on small inlets in Platte River in rural Nebraska

spencer dam break nebraska, spencer dam break nebraska pictures, spencer dam break nebraska video
Deadly flood waters in central Nebraska took its vengeance on the Niobrara River and surrounding areas early Thursday morning. Overwhelming ice and water breached the Spencer Dam...

California Superbloom: Unusually persistent rains bring iconic Golden State’s drought-stricken wildfire-ravaged hills, dales and deserts an extraordinary gloriously showy display of Springtime Wild Flowers

california superbloom 2019, california superbloom 2019 pictures, california superbloom 2019 video
Our unusually persistent December, January and February Rain Showers have brought the iconic Golden State's drought-stricken wildfire-ravaged hills, dales and deserts an extraordinary gloriously showy display of...

Drought in the Philippines: Millions of people QUEUE hours to fill buckets with WATER in Manila’s ‘worst’ water shortage

philippines drought water shortage manilla, philippines drought water shortage manilla video, philippines drought water shortage manilla march 2019
Manila has been hit by its worst water shortage in years, leaving bucket-bearing families to wait hours to fill up from tanker trucks and some hospitals to...

Prayers for the ranchers out there in South Dakota after historic BLIZZARD buries cattle in feet of snow!

cattle buried snow south dakota video, cattle buried snow south dakota video march 2019
Prayers for the ranchers out there, we sure need a few for Three Mile Creek... South Dakota 2019 blizzard. Thank you to Dale Jessie Vocu for sharing...

Strong M5.5 earthquake hits close to Kilauea volcano, Hawaii – Will it wake up AGAIN?

kilauea strong earthquake march 13 2019, kilauea strong earthquake march 13 2019 map, kilauea strong earthquake march 13 2019 video, kilauea strong earthquake march 13 2019 pictures
A Magnitude 5.5 earthquake struck the south flank of Kīlauea Volcano on Hawaiʻi Island at 12:55 a.m. HST early Wednesday morning. The earthquake occurred at a depth...

Extremely DANGEROUS Tropical Cyclone Idai hits Mozambique and becomes DEADLIEST weather disaster of 2019, killing 122

tropical cyclone idai, tropical cyclone idai map, tropical cyclone idai video, tropical cyclone idai pictures
As Mozambique braces for the onslaught of Tropical Cyclone Idai, flooding from the system that became the storm has killed 122 people in Mozambique and Malawi, making...

Dramatic consequences of the CENTRAL PLAINS BOMBOGENESIS in videos and pictures

bombogenesis central plains march 2019, bombogenesis central plains march 2019 video, bombogenesis central plains march 2019 pictures
Here some dramatic news, probably not covered by the large news networks out there. Have a thought or prayer for them! This is...

Storm Gareth: 2,000-mile wide ‘WEATHER BOMB’ engulfs Britain with 80mph winds

storm gareth, storm gareth uk europe, storm gareth uk europe photo, storm gareth uk europe video
A 2,000-mile wide 'weather bomb' swept into Britain with 80mph winds today as Storm Gareth threatened to postpone Ladies' Day at the Cheltenham Festival tomorrow. Meanwhile another...

I’m not sure who lives here but God’s still got big plans for you

miraculous home tornado alabama georgia, miraculous home tornado alabama georgia video, miraculous home tornado alabama georgia drone video
Incredible drone footage shows a perfectly intact house surrounded by complete devastation after it narrowly missed being leveled by the deadly tornado that killed 23 people when...

Red Alert: Powerful Cyclone Idai, a Category 4 hurricane equivalent, will go down as one of only three major (Cat 3-5) cyclones to ever make landfall in Mozambique, Africa

Cyclone Idai, Cyclone Idai video, Cyclone Idai mozambique, Cyclone Idai mozambique march 2019
After recent, rapid strengthening, heavy rain from Idai was responsible for several deaths in central Mozambique. The powerful cyclone is now on a path that will put...

Widespread BLIZZARD expected as ‘BOMB CYCLONE’ explodes over Colorado Wednesday

colorado bomb cyclone, denver bomb cyclone, bombogenesis colorado denver march 2019
No, I'm NOT being sensational. Believe it or not, this IS ... a thing! According to latest weather models, a BOMBOGENESIS will hit Colorado’s eastern plains, bringing...

10 tornadoes touch down in Arkansas and Louisiana as severe weather continues to sweep across country

tornado arkansas louisiana march 2019, 10 tornado arkansas louisiana march 2019, tornado arkansas louisiana march 2019 video, tornado arkansas louisiana march 2019 pictures
A week after tornadoes killed 23 people in Alabama, 10 reported twisters touched down in parts of Arkansas and Louisiana Saturday, as severe weather continued to sweep across the country.

Can LARGE earthquakes hit Los angeles in the near FUTURE? Three independent models converge on the high earthquake potential of Los Angeles

los angeles earthquake risk, los angeles earthquake high risk, los angeles earthquake risk threat
Metropolitan Los Angeles is being squeezed from south to north at 8-9 mm/yr (⅓ inch per year). This squeeze was the ultimate driving force behind the 1971...

Watch Mount St Helens volcano dome SWELL and mountain rise by 1640ft (500m)

Mount st helens volcano eruption dome swell usgs, Mount st helens volcano eruption dome swell usgs video, Mount st helens volcano eruption dome swell usgs volcanic unrest 2019
Mount St Helens' volcano dome was caught swelling in size considerably, growing by 1,640ft (500m) during the volcanic unrest between 2004-2008, a shocking US Geological Survey (USGS)...

After experiencing its coldest February in 60 years, storm breaks 135-year-old rainfall record for downtown Los Angeles

LA rain record, LA rain record march 2019
The latest winter storm brought record rainfall to downtown L.A., which broke a record set in the 1800s. And more rain is on the way!

Weather Crusades: Dozens feared dead after devastating flash floods hit Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran

floods afghanistan iran pakistan march 2019, floods afghanistan iran pakistan march 2019 pictures, floods afghanistan iran pakistan march 2019 videos
Heavy rain has caused flash flooding and landslides in areas of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan over the last few days. Parts of Kandahar Province in Afghanistan recorded...

Death Valley Flooded: America’s Driest Location Swamped by Surprising Flooding

death valley floods march 2019, death valley floods march 2019 pictures, death valley floods march 2019 video
Dead Valley averages just 2.36 inches of rain a year. It picked up 0.64 inches of rain in the 24 last hours ending 4 a.m. PST on...

Louisville zoo closes after SINKHOLE the size of a FOOTBALL FIELD forms just after M3.4 earthquake in Tennessee

louisville sinkhole zoo, louisville sinkhole closes zoo, louisville sinkhole zoo pictures, louisville sinkhole zoo video
Officials are still determining what caused a massive sinkhole that was discovered Wednesday morning at the Louisville Zoo. Giant sinkhole the size of...

Tornado outbreak March 2019: Victims pick up the pieces in Alabama after deadliest outbreak in 6 years

tornado outbreak march 3 2019
Numerous tornadoes were reported across Alabama, Georgia and Florida on Sunday afternoon amid a severe weather outbreak across the southeastern United States. The most powerful of these...

Wallace Smith Broecker FINAL WARNING FOR EARTH: The ‘grandfather’ of climate science urges scientists to USE GEOENGINEERING!

broecker geoengineering global warming, so2 colling earth, broecker wants to cool earth with geoengineering, can geoengineering save earth
Days before his death, Wallace Broecker urged scientists to consider deploying a last-ditch solar shield to stop global warming. As if they weren't using geoengineering and spraying...

California SUPERBLOOM is there: Spectacular burst of wildflowers in desert areas pops up across Southern California

superbloom california 2019, superbloom california 2019 picture, superbloom california 2019 photo, superbloom california 2019 video, superbloom california 2019 la
For the second straight year, unusually heavy winter rains across Southern California have delivered a spectacular burst of wildflowers in desert areas, and people are flocking by...

M3.4 earthquake hits near Maynardville, Tennessee – Loud BOOMS and rumblings, house shaking and damage reported up to Knoxville!

earthquake tennessee, earthquake tennessee march 5 2019, earthquake maynardville tennessee
A M3.4 earthquake hit near Maynardville on Tuesday, March 5, 2019. Originally M3.3, it was upgraded to M3.4 by USGS. More than 1600 people have reported feeling...

How to Adapt to the End of the World

how to adapt end of the world, adapt end of the world, end of the world adaptation
Researchers are thinking about social collapse and how to prepare for it. How to adapt to the end of the world! A...

Winter driving is DANGEROUS: Driver’s dash cam captures moment an AVALANCHE hits him!

snow avalanche engulfs car colorado, snow avalanche engulfs car colorado video, snow avalanche engulfs car colorado march 2019
This is what it feels when you car is engulfed by a nice anfd big snow avalanche! The exact moment a snow avalanche...

Extreme hailstorm kills thousands of BIRDS in India

hailstorm kills thousand birds india, hailstorm kills thousand birds india pictures, hailstorm kills thousand birds india video
Thousands of birds, including parrots and crows, were killed in a hailstorm that hit villages surrounding buffer zone of Pench Tiger Reserve on Sunday morning, March 3,...

Very shallow M5.3 earthquake – rapidly downgraded to M4.6 by USGS – hits Utah-Colorado border

earthquake colorado utah march 4 2019, earthquake colorado utah march 4 2019 map
A 4.6-magnitude earthquake struck Monday morning about 10:22 a.m. 4 miles south of Bedrock, Colorado. Several residents in Moab and Monticello have felt the quake. Over 650...

Tornado EMERGENCY issued as ‘Confirmed Large and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS’ tornadoes hit Alabama, Georgia Sunday – At least 23 dead – Death toll expected to rise

alabama tornado damage, alabama tornado damage video, alabama tornado damage picture, At least two people have been killed by a tornado that caused the National Weather Service to declare tornado emergencies Sunday afternoon for parts of Alabama and Georgia as severe storms moved through the South.
At least two people have been killed by a tornado that caused the National Weather Service to declare tornado emergencies Sunday afternoon for parts of Alabama...

Let’s talk about WEATHER CHAOS: Winter 2019 smashes record after record

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Record snow, record wind, record rain! Winter 2019 smashes record after record and goes out-of-control while officials try to control / engineer it.

Afghanistan UNDER WATER: At least 20 people DIE during worst flooding in 7 years in Kandahar

Deadly floods in Afghanistan in March 2019, Deadly floods in Afghanistan in March 2019 video, Deadly floods in Afghanistan in March 2019 pictures
At least 20 people, including many children, have been killed in flash floods in six districts and the capital of Afghanistan's southern province of Kandahar, the United Nations...

‘It is too late to leave! Leaving now would be deadly!’ Authorities warn the Victoria INFERNO is ‘worse’ than the Black Saturday bushfires that killed 173 as the fires...

victoria fire march 2019, victoria fire march 2019 australia, victoria fire march 2019 video, victoria fire march 2019 pictures
Firefighters have given chilling advice to residents as a fire rips through east Victoria - as authorities warn the bushfires are 'worse' than the Black Saturday bushfires...

M6.0 Japan earthquake: Powerful quake strikes off Northern Japan on Pacific Ring of Fire – And the FUTURE looks even DARKER!

A major earthquake is expected to hit Japan in the next 30 years
A STRONG earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.9 has struck the north coast of Japan. It was then downgraded to M6.0 by the USGS and M6.2...

Deluge in Jordan: Cars washed away and people rescued after Amman’s streets are flooded by extreme rainstorm

amman jordan floods, amman jordan floods march 2019, amman jordan floods video, amman jordan floods picture
Heavy rainfall and flooding sparked chaos in Amman’s streets on Thursday. An extreme rainstorm flooded the streets of Amman, Jordan.

UK fracking earthquake cover-up? Unusual quake series swarms Surrey, UK since beginning of exploration

Unusual earthquake swarm in Surrey, UK - Fracking 'exploration' began a year ago
One of the largest earthquakes since a "swarm" of tremors began in the area last year has been felt in Surrey and parts of Sussex. The tremor...

M7.0 earthquake strikes Peru – Tremors felt in Bolivia – tsunami alarm in Chile

peru earthquake terremoto, peru earthquake terremoto march 2019, peru earthquake terremoto video, peru earthquake terremoto map, peru earthquake terremoto picture
A 7.0 MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKE has struck just north of Juliaca, Peru, about 100 miles NW of Arequipa on March 1, 2019. As of now there are no...

After the DELUGE, huge sinkhole forms in Powell, Tennessee

powell tennessee sinkhole, powell tennessee sinkhole bomb cyclone, powell tennessee sinkhole february 2019
A deluge of rain hit the southern states of the US in the last few days. Many areas are still under a state of emergency. In Knox...

Perpetual state of disaster in California: Another EXTREME atmospheric river FLOODS northern California with over 520mm of rain in 48h – Russian River 14 feet above its flood stage...

floods russian river guernevill california, atmospheric river california february 27 2019, floods guerneville california, rain northern california
The weather is going CRAZY again in California. Another EXTREME atmospheric river has brought INCREDIBLE rain that caused river levels to increase dramatically in Northern California.




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