Sunday, August 28, 2016

Amazing how much lightning can strike our planet in a short time

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This amazing timelapse video sure will satisfy storm watchers around the world. ESA astronaut Tim Peake just shared this stunning video of rapid lightning strikes from Space. The footage, taken from the International Space...

The parade of the planets seen from around the world

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The parade of the planets is currently taking place in our solar system with five planets lining up for a cosmic dance that will dazzle skywatchers all over the...

Main stream media confirms “Planet X”, the 9th planet in our solar system

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Main stream media CONFIRMS "Planet X", the 9th planet in our solar system. Scientists have detected the gravity of a large, Neptune-sized planet beyond Pluto. They are thinking it is approximately 10...

Amateur astronomer Michael Sidonio discovers new dwarf galaxy

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Amateur astronomer Michael Sidonio discovered a new dwarf galaxy with a backyard telescope. The object has been confirmed with one of the world's largest telescopes, and adds support to the...

This eerie moon stratospheric cloud looks like a space nebula

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Lately, Arctic sky watchers have been seeing a lot of Polar stratospheric clouds. And this time, Andy Skinner captured an eerie moon stratospheric cloud in the sky over Abisko, Sweden. These...

Earth’s rotation will slow down this century

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Earth's rotation will slow down this century. And the reason behind is is both fascinating and weird. As ice caps melt, Earth’s rotation is slowing down, and that’s making our days...

Giant asteroid could buzz Earth between December 5 to 20 2015

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A giant asteroid could buzz Earth between December 5 to 20, 2015. As reported by NASA, SD220 2003 and its 0.7 kilometers in diameter represents a potential threat to the...

The sun swallowed a giant icy comet on December 8 2015

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On Tuesday, December 8, 2015, the sun swallowed an icy comet. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spotted the visitor from outer space plunging into our star. The comet - "rubble pile"...

Fire in the sky: Increasing number of fireballs explode around the world in December 2015

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Beginning of December 2015, cameras around the world have captured an increasing number of fireballs disintegrating around the world. Here some of the most recent videos of meteor disintegrating in...

Haunting Moon and Venus conjunction pictures – And occultation on December 7 2015 in North America

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Venus is the brightest object in the east before sunrise. And beginning of this month the Planet is conjuncting with the Moon. If you’re in North America on December 7, 2015, you...

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