Huge fireball explodes over UK, Ireland and Europe


A huge fireball was witnessed all over Ireland from Dublin, Donegal, Cork, Sligo, Carlow, Longford, Antrim and across Britain as well as in The Netherlands on the 21st september 2012 at about 10.55pm.

It consisted of a trail of seven to 12 fireballs in a straight line which streaked across the sky without any accompagnying sounds. It is one of the largest and best fireball ever spotted over Europe.

As seen in the video (be careful, the language is sometimes not appropriate), the fireball crossed the sky before exploding in different fragments. The fireball is clearly a space debris, but it is unknown wether it is man made (space junk) or natural (pieces of meteorites, asteroids, Moon or planets). Scientists hope debris landed on the ground and not in the Sea.

Witnesses are now asked to submit any information about this huge fireball event in order to triangulate the path and thus to precisely localize where the debris hit the ground (eiter Earth or ocean).

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