Strange Experimental Music Sounds: Diego Stocco


Do you know the -US-Italian artist Diego Stocco?

You should! And discover his amazing soundscapes just below!

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Diego Stocco is a California-based experimental sound designer, composer and artist using any kinds of common objects lying around the house to create unreal sound experiences.

Music from a Bonsai by Diego Stocco:

From putting alight a piano and plinking out its last notes to composing music with sounds of trees, Diego Stocco push the technologies and conception of modern sound design.

Music From Nature by Diego Stocco:

From his videos you can clearly feel the spontaneous process of finding the musical object which have a recognizable tuned tone that can be recorded and expanded.

Costom Built Orchestra by Diego Stocco:

For example in Luminosonic, Diego Stocco based the entire music on light bulb sounds.

Improv on a plate by Diego Stocco:

Enjoy the next videos and the incredible Strange Sounds that every day objects are emitting. Fascinating!

Experibass by Diego Stocco:

Music from a Dry Cleaner by Diego Stocco:

He his now working for movies, games and also presents his work live at Art exhibitions. Diego Stocco also releases his albums.

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