Experimental Music: Artists Make Incredible Music From Natural Elements


What is art creation in the new Era of experimental media?

Discover in this post 7 strange and unexpected ways of binding music and art, of creating experimental sound art.

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Sun Boxes in a desertic landscape by Craig Colorusso

1. Music from Solar Panels by Craig Colorusso

Craig Colorusso is well-known for his unusual music instruments. For his experiement ‘Sun Boxes’, he used 20 speakers powered by solar panels and a different guitar sound in each box. Discover this absolutely haunting and eerily hypnotic soundscape in the following video. So cool!

2. Diego Stocco

Diego Stocco lives in California and is a master of sound abstraction, a sound designer and composer. He creates unusual sound experiences using everyday objects from a tree to tumblers. This sound artist really pushes the technologies and conception of modern sound design. Wow! Visit this page for some more videos of Diego Stocco.

3. Steve Mann

Steve Mann, also known as the world’s first cyborg is a passionate sound experimenter. One of his invention is the weird hydraulophone. Mann hopes, this tactile instrument could offer a new self-expression platform for music creation for the deaf and blind as skills required for for playing the hydraulophone are similar to those required for reading Braille. Look he also has his Google glasses on!

4. Céleste Boursier-Mougenot

Céleste Boursier-Mougenot creates sound by drawing on the rhythms of daily life in unexpected ways. The following video features an installation she hadd been creating for the Barbican Centre in London. Listen to the curious soundscape driven by the birds perching on the various pieces of equipment. Weird!

5. The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

It’s all about the music of Carrot top!

6. Felix Thorn

Felix Thorn plays amazing music on a fascinating instrument made of household objects like candle holders and shower caddies. His experimental music plays with synchronized light and sound, aiming to remove the human performer.

 7. Meara O’Reilly

Meara O’Reilly explores the fringes of audio perceptions by designing sound, building instruments and singing. In the project called Chaldini Singing, she creates songs based on sequences of patterns of salt scattered on a metal plate. It’s excellent!

I just find amazing how creative these artists are! Hope you also liked these strange soundscapes.

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