Methane Burn-off Creates Huge ‘Ball Of Fire’, Westchester, California, USA – January 6 2013


January 6 2013 – Westchester, California. Residents of Westchester, USA, just around the Los Angeles international airport, witnessed a methane gas burn-off, shooting a “ball of fire” (visible up to Malibu) and large plume of smoke and flames at hundreds of feet into the air. This explosion is due to an unplanned release of natural gas which occured during normal operations of injecting gas into a storage field. After release, the gas temporarily ignited, exploded causing a loud noise, and a visible flame and smoke as recorded on the video. Scorched Earth was visible in and around the fireball. A westchester resident described that the earth was shaking and the event was accompanied by a sort of humming or rumbling noise. – CBS LA

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