Rising of a Strange Healing Trend in the World: The Alexander Golod’s Energy Pyramids

This magic construction even makes criminals more humane!


A new age healing trend, which has its foundations in ancient Egypt, is springing up in Russia.

Visitors are flocking to a fibreglass pyramid in the Moscow region to absorb what its architect claims is positive energy.

Energy power of the Golod’s pyramid

Golod’s research on pyramids is bizarre, innovative, and entirely unscientific. But he built up a 150-foot-high fiberglass pyramid in Russia to begin his strange experiments.

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Although he created multiple pyramids, Golod’s most notable is situated an hour outside of Moscow and stands at 150-feet high.

the golods pyramids, the pyramid of life

After a number of longitudinal studies, Golod’s research found that the pyramid presence had some serious effects on human beings, including:

  • increasing the immune system
  • increasing agricultural yield 30-100%
  • decreasing the effects of pathogens and radioactive material.

Despite a website claiming scientific support from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences there is no published scientific evidence to support any of these claims.

The history behind

In the 1930s an occultist, writer and hardware store owner published a theory that pyramids might have special powers, such as preserving food, sharpening blades and focusing the mind.

The theory was picked up by Karel Drbal, a Czech businessman who created a pyramid shaped box for sharpening knives.

pyramid energy, a new world healing trend

The idea of pyramid power might have ended here. But paranormal authors Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder met with Drbal while traveling and wrote an entire chapter about the theory of pyramid power in the book entitled Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain

Pyramid power is now an established part of new-age belief.

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