Mysterious Booms in Flint, Michigan Could Be Related To A Police Secret Bomb Range – April 2013


human sacrifices needed in flint michigan

Residents of Flint Michigan hear and feel, for years, mysterious booming sounds, similar to thunder and fireworks, shaking their houses and walls. And nobody seemed to know exactly what was causing it. ‘Seem’ is the right word here. Flint’s police indeed confirms that they train on a secret and controlled bomb range on a vacant piece of property on Flint’s east side. This site is used for bomb squad training exercises and the destruction of dangerous explosives such as live shells from mortar guns and old grenades from Vietnam and World War II. There is no set schedule to when detonations are done there. So be ready to hear some more loud noises! These times not mysterious anymore!

Police does not want to deliver the exact position of the training area but it’s far removed from anybody’s home. M Live

Residents believed Flint’s local scrap yards were responsible for these noises.

Here some more news about mysterious booms in Michigan.

Well the question is, how many of these secret bombing range exist in the USA and around the world. In a previous report I already wrote about underground military bases that are being built all over the world.

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  1. I respectfully offer my personal thoughts and opinion as follows:
    We are to believe that
    1.) Flint police have secretly been exploding old grenades and live mortar shells for some years now.
    2.) During this time, their protocol seems to allow for the the residents in the area to be kept in the dark about the “controlled bomb range” and bomb squad training exercises, forcing the public to simply endure the frightening and unexplained shaking of their homes and walls.
    3.) They have “no set schedule”, and from the sounds of this confirmation of responsibility regarding these detonations, there still wont be any prior announcing of any such activities to the people of Flint?
    4.) “It’s far removed from anybodys home”.
    So I guess continued “house and wall shaking” should not be considered as a threat to the construction, stability and integrity of a dwelling? I am not a carpenter nor a builder, but I would like to have the ‘physics’ behind that assumption explained.
    In summation,
    these police training / detonations may indeed account for some of the sound/concussions being experienced. And the residents in that area may now simply turn their attention to the police for confirmation of responsibility immedietly following any subsequent “boom” . Though, it would seem much more reasonably prudent to give the press a heads up, atleast a day or so prior to the detonations, eliminating public alarm and concern. It is just not the type of suprise that any of us , under normal conditions, would comfortably welcome.
    As seen from this entire website, if you take the tour here (from the beginning), offering testimony, recordings, and news reports of a multitude of “mysterious booms, strange sounds” being heard/felt across North America and the entire globe for the last several years, you will find that the vast majority of cases are “unexplained” and remain “a mystery”. Therefore, apparently “not man-made”, leaving us to speculate, as to what is the origin then, of this well documeneted phenomena?
    In all instances, we now sincerely appreciate the Flint police, and all “authorities” for any measures they have taken, or may take, to alert the public for whom they serve, of relevent detonations, training exercises, etc, as well as those in construction / business institutions that are also engaged in the use of explosives.
    Honestly, I doubt the police trainings would be found soley responsible for All the booms in Flint’s past, but a public sharing of those records, as compared with residential reports of house and wall shaking, may easily clarify the mystery surrounding the phenomena in Flint.
    The existence of this “secret and controlled bomb range”, is no longer a secret (and we thank you for that). Should not all those participants in man-made “booms” across our nation, be also as thoughtful and kind in the future, as to accuretly and in a timely manner, forewarn of us of tomorrows boom’s, when you are in possesion of such knowledge?
    I am grateful that finally some institutions have begun to make prior announcements of intended detonations in various locations around the U.S., with varying degress of time specifity. Though some “statements” seem unfortunetly rather broad, like “during the next few months”, or “during the next year”, issued as kind of a blanket heads-up, and I guess thats all we’ll get from some of these sources. But there are those who have been much more helpful in sharing the actual projected days and hours-between, for instance ‘Monday and Tuesday’ or ‘3-5pm’, as an example, and they should be applauded for their consideration.
    I believe most American citizens would always appreciate any press/media release “heads-up”, that is consistantly accurate, deservingly fair, thoughtful, kind and neighborly.
    I thank you for your time.

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