Continuous Booming Noises Heard and Felt in Mt Morris and Other Michigan Communities – May 2 2013


mount morris loud booms map 2013

For a couple months, people living in Mt. Morris and surrounding communities report hearing noises described as “loud booms” and “explosions”. Until now, the source remains a mystery even for the authorities.

Could they be from local salvage and scrap yards?

Or from secret police trainig at undertermined location. Flint Police denied and they say they have not activated any explosives at the site since February 26, 2013.

What we know is that is booming over there. Anybody having an idea?

Here some comments from residents of the area:

it’s a huge boom a boom you cannot miss it. And they are happening for several months now

At random times there are huge explosions in the area somewhere to the point where it shakes my house, the pictures and mirrors rattle on the wall, also during day time hours.”

Definitely not gunshots. They sound more like bombs going off or something dropping that’s really heavy like a big dumpster just dropping out of the sky or something. It’s literally shaking them up.”

Couple of them you do end up feeling the vibration from them some are really big others aren’t as big but still pretty big booms out there.

You know it would be nice to know why my house is rattling every week.

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    • wow, I can’t believe this has been swept under the rug. An Ann Arbor report is made on the MUFON web sight about seeing a UFO along with plenty of other reports here in Michigan and just within the last couple of months, it’s shocking, anyway then a loud boom or crash is heard and reports made from many people in Flat Rock and surrounding areas, then we have strange noises being heard also reported by people miles around, all this happening over days leading up to and after the crash or boom, then witnessed was a line up of army vehicles driving on Huron River dr. and Telegraph rd., not to mention headed to Detroit Metro airport in Romulus, MI. where dark grey unmarked plans were seen coming in and landing. The sounds reported was on the news for a second and then nothing else heard about it, swept away and forgotten. This is hard to imagine that there aren’t thousands of others wanting answers like I do. What is flying in our skies?, what were these noises?, did something crash?, why were there army vehicles seen in that area? and why are there dark grey unmarked plans at DTW ? I have pics of the army vehicles that were in Flat Rock, there were semi trucks ,SUV’s and many more trucks lined up driving in Flat Rock on Huron River Dr. and Telegraph headed towards the airport in Romulus more than likely. I just wish more people would get together and demand more answers.. Why does it seem like everything just gets swept away and forgotten?? If we all got together and discussed it and put some pieces together we could get closer to figuring some of it out, we can’t do it alone, WHAT is everyone afraid of, it’s time to start getting together ,we are stronger and smarter in numbers. MUFON, a group here in Michigan, meets up I think five times a year for discussions about issues like these, we should all go and try to get answers. Michigan MUFON group are regular people like us, they are holding meeting at a restaurant in Burton, MI. on May 3rd. and everyone is invited, Burton is not that far for southeastern people to drive, its central Mi. to make it easy for all to go. Lets get some answers, I’m going and it will be my first time meeting with the group, I’m not a member, I have not joined MUFON nor have I ever made a report with them, I actually just found out about them while looking into all the Michigan UFO sightings and strange noises, which are a lot lately , ALOT.. I think its only 8 dollars and that includes a buffet lunch. You do need to RSVP though, to RSVP just go to the webpage and the number and info is there. I found out there are doctors ,Lawyers, factory workers, waitresses, homemakers, people with all different backgrounds and of course professionals in this kind of expertise , that’s who their members are they discuss many topics and issues, they aren’t about the aliens are coming like some may think, lol , I find that they are about true and real matters. My point is, all kinds of things happened and are happening and I don’t know why people just forget and move on without any answers what so ever.. It’s time to get involved.

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