Reminder: Loud Booms At Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), Maryland Expected From March 11 to 22 2013


Army training schedule at Aberdeen Proving Ground

Army Training schedule at Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG): US army will probably conduct detonation exercices at APG which should strat around March 11 and end on or about March 22. Exercices will depend on weather conditions. As I always repeat, windy, cloudy and cold weather will transport sound further than usually and thus loud booms can be heard up to 50 – 70 miles around. If weather conditions are not favorable (cold and cloudy) firing will be rescheduled. Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) is a United States Army facility located in Aberdeen, Maryland, (in Harford County). APG is the U.S. Army’s oldest active proving ground and allows design and testing of ordnance materiel for authorized customers such as foreign and domestic government and non-government organizations. You will get more information under these numbers: 410-278-1147 or 800-688-8705.

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Army training schedule at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

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