Unbelievable: Epecuen, An Argentinian Town Sunken 25 Years Ago And That Came Back To The Surface


The amazing town of Epecuen had been sunken 25 years ago!

And now, it has came back to surface!

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Epecuen, a former lake country spa town known for its therapeutic powers for centuries and situated just 550 kilometres (340 miles) south of Buenos Aires, was submerged in the 1970s.

submerged city of epecuen argentina

More rain than usual was delivered to the surrounding hills and Lago Epecuen began to swell.

In 1985, the salty waters broke through the clay dam, and Villa Epecuen, a busy small town, was flooded beneath 10 metres (30 feet) of water.

It has remained deserted since. A ghost town!

Even when waters receded, the country town has never been rebuilt.

sunken city of epecuen angentina march 2013

Due to the lagoon salinity level only topped by the Dead Sea, Epecuen is white.

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