Unexplained loud booming noises around Naples in Collier County, Florida – March 3 2013


If you live in Collier County, Florida, you probably heard the earth groaning and felt the earth move last sunday at around 11.00 AM. However, the source of this noise remains unknown.

As you remember, less than two weeks ago, the Naval Air Station in Key West had jets training over the gulf, something that most likely contributed to earth shaking noises then. However, representatives at the Air Station in Key West—they said they had no training on Sunday. Moreover, loud booms around Naples could be originating from blasting work being done to excavate nearby land for The Isles of Collier Preserve residential development as I already reported here. But, the vice president of the construction company said: “I even heard two blasts living down on Marco Island on Sunday, and those have nothing to do with anything we’re doing in Naples“. So what’s up in Florida? And who should we believe? – NBC 2

NBC-2.com WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

A few reports from Collier County residents:

It was the equivalency of a sonic boom“, “I was outback with my wife, sitting in the lanai and then all of a sudden, boom!“, “I kind of heard a slight rumble, then I heard a louder rumble and the windows started to shake – Naples, “It was like an explosion almost, off to the distance. I didn’t know what it was” – North Naples, “I live on 3rd Avenue Southwest and 15 minutes ago there was a huge explosion. It like shook our sliders and shook part of our house“, “Two loud booms we heard coming southwest of Marco Island, is that sonic booms or is someone blasting?


  1. Something shook me out me out of a sound sleep at about 11:15 pm in Naples Fl, on May 18, 2015. I jumped up, grabbed a weapon and my phone and investigated – nothing was amiss.

    • I know this article is a little old but I thought to add that approximately 10 minutes ago (12:48 am) while Nursing my Baby I jumped off of the coach pumped with adrenaline because of a loud BOOM I heard along with a flashing light. I knew it wasn’t thunder or lightning because it’s raining, thundering or lightning tonight. TheBOOM sounded more like an explosion at a some what distance yet close enough to sound near by and dangerous. The light that accompanied the BOOM wasn’t a flash…it was more like a sudden bright light when on and then at a slightly slower rate than lightning. I thought perhaps the new A/C unit we installed recently exploded or surely a car near by exploded or a house blew up …Upon sending my partner to investigate….there was NOTHING to discover…absolutely nothing. After doing some research online, it seems as though other people in Naples, FL and other parts of the country …and world have had similar experiences without a known cause. A couple of them, thanks to security cameras, were able to identify the cause (meteor). So I’m hoping it was simply a passing meteor that made a loud noise as it passed by Earth because of how quickly it was traveling ……

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