Impressive! The Lyrids peaked in Argentina: Huge meteor explosion caught on tape – April 21 2013


meteor explosion over argentina april 21 2013

Such events always happen at places we are not present! Some in Argentina experienced a great Lyrids meteor shower. Look at this amazing footage showing different views of a meteor explosion over Argentina Sunday 21st April 2013.

The explosion was caught on tape above the city of Santiago del Estero, Argentina at around 3:20 AM (local time) and lit up the skies.

The spectacular fireball was caused by a meteor entering the earth’s atmosphere and disintegrating. Some witnesses experienced a slight tremor soon after seeing the meteorite.

According to local media reports, police in the area were inundated with phone calls from frightened residents, and from parents who were worried about their children still out in the city’s bars and nightclubs.

Yes, I think Argentinians really enjoyed the Lyrids meteor shower peak!

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