Mysterious Loud Booms In Union City, Athens, Sherwood and Bronson, Branch County, Michigan – April 3 2013


mysterious loud booms in Branch county michigan april 2013

Several people from Union City, Athens, Sherwood and Bronson, Branch County, Michigan reported being rattled by a loud boom just after midnight Wednesday April 3 2013. Officials tried to investigate the source of the strange booming sounds without success. If you remember, this is not the first time that this area is rocked by loud booms. Here a link showing you every loud booms and strange sounds reports for Michigan. My question now: Did you hear or feel something unusual in this area? If yes, comment on this post or connect to our facebook page to leave reports about these loud booms. Thank you for your information!

Here a report about this event:

Heard 3 very loud booms today in west Michigan. The entire house rattled and the sound was like somebody firing a cannon on the back deck. This happened sometimes last spring/summer as well. If I remember correctly, it was only 2 or 3 booms then, too, and we couldn’t figure out what it was. I went outside and didn’t see or smell any smoke, didn’t hear any sirens… nothing. Any ideas on what this could have been?


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