Videos Of Mysterious Booms In Union City, Athens, Sherwood and Bronson, Branch County, Michigan – April 2013


series of mysterious booms in Branch Couty michigan april 2013

BRANCH COUNTY, Mich.- More than 30 calls coming into the Branch County 911 Dispatch Center this weekend about mysterious booms. All from the northwest part of the county. Many residents in the area thought someone was breaking into their home. While others were speculating that the booms were coming from the Air National Guard Base in Battle Creek. There were no earthquakes recorded in the area overnight, the National Guard base in Battle Creek says there were no flights there last night. Officials are looking into these reports and say they don’t have any idea where the booms are coming from or what the sound could be.

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Here a link to the previous post I wrote about this Michigan event.

It seems that each person reporting the booms believed the “exposions” happened somewhere close. Here some more reports about it:

“We just heard a really loud bang outside our house and me and my kids are really scared, I don’t know what it is and now we’re afraid to outside.”

“I didn’t see anything but I heard a big boom…it was like a big boom like someone was kicking in the door.”

“It sounded like a cannon going off is the only way I can describe it, kind of like a thunder boom but it was only the one time.”

“I think it’s aliens to tell you the truth, I think it’s aliens coming down to earth see us.”

The booms occurred almost exactly at the same times as last year as indicated by this witness:
“It’s the same time as last year, we had these loud crashing noises like either an explosion or a sonic boom kind of an earthquake.”

And watch another video on these mysterious booms here!

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  1. September27 strange green light in sherwood mi befor midnight very large looks like it might have fallen beside old elemetary school or corn fild near it ? Mabey astroid or other????

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