Save The US Postal Service: Send Postcards and Gifts to Friends, Family or to me


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It seems there is nothing or let say very little to do for saving the US postal service. Well maybe, we should all unite. Let say if everybody living in the States were sending friends and family a little note, postcard or gift per week or even per month, then these small donations could maybe trigger a large amount of money to save your public postal service.

If you want, you can also send me a postcard (I live in Switzerland: M. Petitat, seftigenstr. 25, CH-3007 Bern).

I think it does not take too long and it is not costly at all (50 cents shipping and a postcard for 25 cents). Of course you will have to write a little something. This way, you will not only contribute to saving your postal service but through your postcard or your gifts you will permit others to discover parts of your wonderful country.

I think little words of love, compassion and friendship are important for everybody. Doing so, your family, friends and almost everybody around you will, I am sure, be very pleased to receive something PER POST from you.

Be active and spread the word around.

MP aka Strange Sounds

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