Wolf Song: Listen to 30 Wolves Howling in Unison in a Wolf Sanctuary in Indiana USA


Howling wolves are just wonderful!

And when 30 of them howl at unison, it’s incredible. Listen to this wolf song!

wolf, wolf howhling
Wolf Desktop Builder Picture

Wolves have all sorts of tricks in their vocal repertoire (they can yelp, growl, whine and whimper) but it’s the howl that’s their signature sound. And these wolves (according to the YouTube description, all 30 of them) in a sanctuary in the US state of Indiana clearly felt like giving their vocal cords a bit of a workout.

Listen to this scary and weird symphony of howls:

Pretty cool, isn’t it? These are RESCUED wolves. They are not being held captive. They are treated with love and care, fed, and constantly get exercise and everything they need to live and flourish. This wolf sanctuary is a beautiful place.

In the wild, this howling behavior would help to strengthen social bonds and help pack members keep track of each other.

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