Major Meteor Sightings Around the World: Ireland, Canada, Australia – May 21-25 2013


Meteor sighting in Saskatchewan and Manitoba in Canada – May 23 2013

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Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-

23MAY2013 Diane Rourke Boissevain mb 11:53 pm central 15 sec From west to north east Res fireball with yellowish white  bright light Very bright Not visibly Bright, lasted a long time, amazing23MAY2013 Charity Woods Grandview,Manitoba, Canada 23:50:00 Im not sure at least 20 seconds i lost site of it becuse of trees in the way appeared to be going west to east I was facing west white. no sound looked like a huge ball of fire I thought a plane was going down brighter then the moon, it is a full moon tonight yes no photo, it looked huge, and amazing23MAY2013 CK Yorkton,Saskatchewan Canada 2250hrs 30 sec. in clear sky WOW SW to NE travel Orange with long tail bright and large best meteor we’ve ever seen! very bright orange fire ball yes sparks from tail Best ever stellar event!

23MAY2013 Christi Fallows and Cameron Morrison NE of Yorkton, SK, Canada 22:51  central standard approx 10 to 15 seconds Facing N, travelled from west to east…compared to a clock face it would have started at 10 and ended at 3 bright red/orange glow, circle shaped in the front,with a long orange tail with a smokey looking trail behind it, no sound heard bright as a harvest moon couldn’t tell no photo, seemed to disappear behind the clouds but was still visible, waited outside for a couple minutes but didn’t hear or see anything else

23MAY2013 Carrie T Wadena, SK 22:50 central approximately 10 seconds. We were facing east in the sky. The meteor flew NE in the sky, right to left.  No sound, however bright orange tail. As it seemed to get closer in the sky, I could actually see it break and flare up again as it got lower into the atmosphere.  As bright as an orange flame in the sky. Yes, definitely a fair size chunk broke off. Almost looked like something was burning in the sky but wasn’t moving as fast as other meteors you normally see off in the distance. Was very bright orange and left a fairly long tail behind it. Broke off a bit and continued on north east. Not sure if it completely burnt up, or we just lost site of it because it went off too far in the distance.

23MAY2013 jody ruszkowski east of prince albert saskatchewan 2245 central 10-15 seconds heading north north east right to left bright yellow  as bright as the moon appeared to be breaking up was very large and bright but dimmed as it was breaking apart

23MAY2013 Cath Ollenberg Hudson bay Saskatchewan, Canada 23 10-15 Secs SW to NE Bright white front with red tail Same as moon yes, splintered 3 times then faded no photo.

23MAY2013 Gary Kreklewich Melville, Saskatchwan, Canada 22:45 Saskatchewan time zone About 20 seconds Southwest to Northeast like a comet, glowing very bright at times Very bright at times, fireball in the sky Saw a few parts break off towards the end creating smaller fireballs Wish I had a camera at the time.

23MAY2013 Diane Rourke Minto Mb Canada 11:53 pm central standard time 15 seconds travelled west to north east, I was facing north Red fireball, followed by very bright light Very bright and colorful not that I could see It was amazing, bright, spellbinding


Meteor report over Queensland Australia May 23 2013


Queensland Australia Meteor may 23 2013

Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
23MAY2013 ANDREW sunshine coast queensland AUSTRALIA 19.35 AUST EST 2 to 3 seconds realisticly facing NW came from SE heading NW appeared 1 oclock in the sky and everything disappeared at about 10 oclock in the sky greens and blues then orange and a faint but noticable boom about a minute later very bright , moon nearly full in eastern sky yes about 4 or 5 larger chunks as well as what looked like the usual ‘sparks but only in the last 1 second no just the first time of hereing a boom , this one was very large and i have witnessed many large ones ,a couple at day ,but this one is definatey the best and biggest23MAY2013 luke k moggil, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia approximate 19:30hrs 3 sec E-W, right to left, facing north blue trails following scattering chucks, then orange flame explosion bright as venus yes multiple trailing looked pretty amazing, very short lived but colourful explosion23MAY2013 Corbet TAMBORINE,QLD,AUSTRALIA 27.9°S, 153.1°E 1935 GMT+10 (AUST EST) 2 – 3 seconds starting about 45 deg above north horizon, travelling to the north white very bright but not as bright as the nearly full moon single fireball with a tail nil


Fireball strike over UK and Ireland Meteor-May 22 2013


UK and Ireland Meteor May 22 2013


Initial Meteor Sighting Reports-
22MAY2013 justin laffan cork city, ireland 22:42 GMT 6 seconds facing north, traveled east. bright white, slight green hue, no sound brighter than the moon small fragmentation, like sparks facing directly north, appeared offset to my right at about 30 degree inclination, travelled east falling about 10 degrees..lost sight after about 6 seconds

22MAY2013 gary hanratty Lurgan Co.Armagh N.Ireland 22:38 GMT 4 seconds North south Over head White Moon 5-6 pieces breaking off Awesome

22MAY2013 Jessica Derbyshire, England 23 8 seconds Nw Fireball with purple and green tail Moon Yes .

22MAY2013 Rebecca Shirzad Emley, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England 2250GMT 3 sec W;S , I was facing south west ( I think!) Blue and green Moon Yes Didn’t manage to get a picture

22MAY2013 Jon Nugent Liverpool, Uk 22:40 Gmt approx 7 seconds approx. partially obscured by building before coming into view N-S. I was facing west Bright green with visible tail. No sound Comparable to low flying helicopter lights Could not tell (short sighted) Widely reported on Facebook immediately after event

22MAY2013 Martin Case Stoke,Stafford,uk 22:30 GMT 5 SEC E-W GREEN Moon +++ None Seen by Kim first

22MAY2013 Peter Ruether Altrincham, Cheshire, UK 22:43 BSTIY 3 – 5 sec N-S Bright, cold white Brighter than moon Broke up into 5 or 6 visible fragments No photo


22MAY2013 paul elkington great barr, UK 22.46 2 seconds,houses on hill opposite blocked view E-W facing west Green,no sound bright green,sun no,but long trail great Barr,birmingham, UK

22MAY2013 John burdett nuneaton, UK 2250 2 seconds north bright white moon yes none

Did a meteorite really hit a car in Quebec Canada – May 21 2013? 

Germain Laberge of Quebec claims meteorite, black rock, hit his car windscreen …
Unfortunately there is NO meteorite shown to prove his claims.Video report starts at about 10 mins 30 secs in French-Émission du mardi 21 mai 2013

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