Mysterious Animal Die-Offs Around the World: Texas (USA), Rajasthan (India), Tenerife (Spain) – June 17 2013


Mysterious Fish Mass Die-off in Lake Texoma Texas June 17 2013

Dead Fish Seen in Lake Texoma texas june 2013

Bruce Hysmith and his team from the Texas Park and Wildlife Department have been studying the dead fish in Lake Texoma since last week. – HISZ and KTEN


Mysterious Fish Die-off in Pond in Temple Texas June 17 2013

It’s a mystery that has people in Central Texas scratching their heads when they found hundreds of fish turning up dead in a Temple pond this weekend. – KCETV


Strange: Almost two dozen peacocks found dead in Rajasthan India June 17 2013

peacock birds found dead in Rajahstan june 2013


23 peacocks were found dead at two different places in Rajasthan after consuming suspected poisonous food grains. Who would kill such nice birds? – Times of India


Mystery death of a killer whale calf at marine park on the island of Tenerife Spain June 17 2013

A killer-whale calf owned by SeaWOrld Entertainment Inc. died this week at Loro Parque, a marine park in Tenerife, Spain. – Orlando Sentinel

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