Sun Tornadoes: NASA Records Video of Twisters on the Sun

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Is it also tornado season on the sun?

In June 2013, a 38-hour tornadic incident also burst on the sun. Watch the plasma whirling through a magnetic dance across the Sun’s surface.

This video from NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory shows a speeded-up version of  this amazing and weird space weather phenomenon.

Throughout the one-minute clip, the plasma enters a magnetic dance across the Sun’s surface leading to multiple sun twisters making contact with the sun. The multiple ‘sun tornadoes’ appear to be supporting a long solar filament like pillars of fire. This event took place over 38 hour spell on June 3-4, 2013.

Strong solar storms can interfere with communication satellites aimed at our planet, and NASA has recently joined with the United Nations in an effort to better understand the impact of space storms on Earth.

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