Mysterious Animal Die-Offs in Australia, USA, Germany and Indonesia: Bees, Fish, Birds


36,000 bees found dead in Niestetal (Germany) – HNA

Fipronil is held responsible for the mass death of honeybees.

Mysterious Carp dead in Holter Reservoir (Montana) – KRTV

mysterious fish die-off at Holter Reservoir

Hundreds of dead carp are floating in the popular reservoir on the Missouri River between Helena and Great Falls. Bruce Rich, the fisheries bureau chief for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, said they’re investigating the reason behind the dead carp, but at this point he can only speculate on the cause of their demise.

Mysterious fish die-off in in the Inner Harbor incoastal Baltimore (Maryland) – HUFF Post

Baltimore residents may have noticed something peculiar about the water in the city’sharbor this week — mainly that it’s a milky shade of green and full of dead fish.

Water Evil phenomenon: Sudden and mysterious dying of tilapia and carp in Lake Tondano (Indonesia) – Berita
Thousands of Tons of Fish Dead in Lake Tondano

Fish farming business in Lake Tondano, Minahasa regency, North Sulawesi Province is in danger of collapse due to the phenomenon of Lewo rano (water evil) which caused thousands of tons of fish are harvested tilapia and carp died suddenly. As a result of the death of the fish, farmers lose billions of dollars.

Black kites falling dead from the sky in Queensland (Australia) – Courier Mail

EXPERTS are looking for clues as to why common black kites are falling dead from north Queensland skies.

Alewives (fish ) washing ashore dead on Lake Michigan beaches – Michigan Radio

No one likes die-offs, which mean the fish are stressed coming out of winter and heading into the spawning season. But since they’re not totally adapted to this habitat – it’s somewhat inevitable. The die-off is also evidence there’s food in Lake Michigan for salmon. It’s good news, because anglers have been nervous. In the last decade or so, alewives haven’t always done so well. These are funny anglers!

Hundreds of fish found dead at Strawberry Reservoir (Utah) – KSL

Thousands of fish found dead at Sugar Lake (Missouri) – KCTV5


Chinook dying along remote stretch of the Middle Fork of the John Day River(Oregon) – OPB

Officials say more than 180 wild Chinook salmon died in a remote section of the Middle Fork of the John Day river. The Blue Mountain Eagle reports that the die-off is due to low water and a sudden spike in water temperatures.

Fish die mysteriously in Oak Run (Ohio) – Madison Press

A fish kill in Oak Run is being investigated by ODNR and the Ohio EPA. Dead fish, described as sunfish and suckers, could be observed from the bridge over Oak Run on Old Xenia Road and from the bridge on state Route 56.

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