Was Comet ISON a real Comet? Scientists Are Not 100% Sure! Look At These videos!


Was Comet ISON really a comet?

Some, even scientists, doubt!

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Skywatcher Bruce Gary’s image of Comet ISON, taken on the morning of Aug. 12, 2013 with a Celestron-11 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Credit: Bruce Gary

WTF! Two different videos on Youtube mention the fact that there is a discussion that scientists are not 100% sure Comet ISON is a comet.

Did they show us correct images? We yearn for the photos from Deep Impact but I fear NASA isn’t going to give them up any time soon!

Yep this crazy story only keeps getting crazier. Why was ISON hard to find just before it died? Was it because it was too close to the sun in our sky? Or…

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