Amazing Photos and Videos of LADEE Spacecraft Launch From Virginia – September 6 2013


Those are pictures and videos of the first-ever lunar mission launched from Virginia! NASA’s newest robotic explorer LADEE rocketed into space late Friday, September 6 2013 in an unprecedented moonshot from Virginia that dazzled sky watchers along the East Coast.

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The following video gives you an idea of what the launch and the trajectory of the rocket looked like. It is pretty impressive.

The rocket was visible from Maine to eastern North Carolina, and as far west as Wheeling, West Virginia.

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Rocket launched at 11:27 p.m. ET from Virginia. It will be in orbit after a 30 day trip. It really looks like a fireball, don’t you think?

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The LADEE spacecraft is charged with studying the lunar atmosphere, dust and environment. Probe will have an orbiter to gather information on the moon.

amazing ladee lunar mission launch from virginia on friday 6 2013 - best photos and videos

But LADEE spacecraft quickly ran into equipment trouble, and while NASA assured everyone early Saturday that the lunar probe was safe and on a perfect track for the moon, officials acknowledged the problem needs to be resolved in the next two to three weeks. (SOURCE)

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