Two Booming Meteors Over Indiana and South Dakota – September 2013


Here are two reports of fireball explosions in the sky over Indiana (september 26 2013) and Sout Dakota (september 25 2013).

1. Meteor Sighting Over Indiana – September 26 2013

As shown in the following video, a large fireball streaked through the Midwest sky. The American Meteor Society had received more than 130 reports of this flaming trail meteor, which appeared shortly after 7 a.m. Some witnesses of this bright sky phenomenon also reported a sound accompanying the flying object. (Source)


2. Loud Booming Light in the sky of North Dakota – September 25 2013

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An eerie blue light followed by a loud booming noise were reported from all over North Dakota, including Gillette, Eden, Ten Sleep, Thermopolis, Laramie, Hyattville, Ralston, Moose, Basin, Upton, an Yellowstone National Park at about 9 p.m. Monday.  This strange phenomenon completely lit up the sky. Some say a massive shooting star falling from the sky for about 30 seconds. Other describes a meteorite was falling apart and exploded in flight. Yes, it was probably a sonic boom produced by this ball of fire. Reports came. People from Colorado, Montana and Utah also reported seeing the light. (Source)

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