Colombia Investigates Possible Meteorite Impact


Colombian authorities reported the fall of a yet unidentified strange object in the central department of Meta. It is most probably a meteorite. Researches have begun  in the town of Puerto Lopez, near ​​Guadalupe, where the object fell.

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The mysterious flying object reported by the Colombian civil defense officials has not been identified yet but is most probably a meteorite.

The strange object was sighted in the department of Meta (center) and fell in the town of Puerto Lopez triggering a small tremor.

This video is in Spanish:

On the afternoon of July 6, 2007 a fireball crossed the center of the Valley generating a loud sonic boom that rattled the area. Moments after, small rocks broke roofs of houses in southeastern Cali (Source).

20 days ago, another fireball crossed the skies of Colombia and Venezuela.

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