La Sinkhole Update: The Giant Louisiana Sinkhole Could Double in Size


The nightmare of Bayou Corne’s inhabitants continues! According to a Texas Brine official, the giant Louisiana sinkhole could double in size.

louisiana sinkhole in bayou corne Picture from July 2013

The sinkhole is at 26 acres right now. Mark Cartwright, president of United Brine, a subsidiary of Texas Brine, says the surface could get to 50 acres. The ‘good’ news is: It is moving in a southwest pattern, which is away from homes and the community.

“I think we’re relatively close to matching the volume inside the cavern with the volume we see at the surface. But because of precipitous edges, there will be come continued sloughing,” said Cartwright.

For up-to-date information aboutthe Louisiana Sinkhole follow The LA Sinkhole Bugle.

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