This New Musical Instrument, the Yaybahar, Sounds Like Out Of This World

That new instrument really has a wide range of definitely mysterious ‘intonations’.

I hear a violin or mandolin mixed with a harp and some sort of ’90s sound synthetic sound effects. Absolutely brilliant!

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The new musical instrument called Yaybahar and its inventor musician Görkem Şen

The Yaybahar is a new acoustic instrument designed by Istanbul-based musician Görkem Şen. It emits sounds right out of a retro sci-fi movie. This is kind of remarkable considering there isn’t a bit of electricity involved.

Listen to incredible music played from natural elements.

The Yaybahar can be played in a variety of different ways using mallets or with a bow. It relies on a combination of two drum-like membranes, long springs, and a tall fretted neck to create music.

Like any instrument, it’s capable of producing sounds that run the gamut from “beautiful music” to “noise.”

Give it a try… It’s worth it!

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