Natural Trampolines: Discover Strange Bouncy Natural Floors


A natural trampoline? An animal waterbed?

Well, look at this! It’s awesome!

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Sometimes you stumble upon really strange and bizarre things while walking or working outside in nature. Most of the strange phenomena encountered are then baffling, even sometimes for scientists… Like bouncing grounds, behaving like trampolines!

Most of these mysterious occurrences are natural, some however can be manmade.

1. A Waterbalawn? This man trying to get rid of a big water bubble under the grass on a golf-course. It is probably linked to a sprinkler’s underground leak.

2. The following video features a house moving over a liquefied ground during the 2011 Earthquake in Japan. It is simply incredible!

3. In 2009, in Lauderdale County on Anderson Creek (NW Alabama), a couple found a bubble under their sod on their property in northwest Alabama after an especially heavy rainfall.

4. In September 2013, some Canadian wanderers stumbled upon a natural trampoline in a forest near a little river in St Jerome, Quebec. Look how fun and surprising it is! The bouncy ground could be explained by fallen trees spanning a hollow, and branches and leaves on top making a platform.

5. The source of this one is unknown, but I think it has its place in this compilation of weird moving floors and grounds.

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Well, what mechanism is behind those amazing sightings? Tell me what do you think!

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