Fireballs And Loud Booms Reported From Around the World in January 2014 (VIDEOS)


Did you hear a loud boom coming from the sky and feel a rumble under your feet? These strange experiences may be created by a meteor of fireball explosion. Here a compilation of the most impressive meteor broke-up of January 2014. Enjoy!

Meteor in Mexico – January 30 2014. Lots of people in Mexico reported seeing a meteor (meteoro) or meteorite (meteorito) on Thursday evening. The meteor or comet was spotted around 7:03 p.m. local time by a web camera in Mexico City and also reported by a range of people from other locations. – Source

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meteorito mexico January 2014. Photo: Twitter user Steffany_rm

Meteor fireball lights up night sky in Kentucky, 28 January 2014 – Source

Massive overhead boom in Northeast Oklahoma shakes doors and rattles windows – not military sonic boom – Source

Another overhead explosion in Oklahoma: Claremore rocked by unexplained noise – Source

Meteor fireball seen by many above Oklahoma and Texas, 24 January 2014 – Source

‘Unexplained loud jolting booms’ shake homes in Kentucky and Illinois on January 20 2014- Source

Fiery object spotted in sky over Dillon, Montana !COOL VIDEO! – Source

Video of an amazing fireball over Puerto Rico, 18 January 2014 – Source

Another mysterious boom heard Sunday over parts of Central Virginia – Source

Bright green fireball caught on video from UK and Holland, 18 January 2014

What was that boom? That’s what many people in Rock Island were saying Tuesday morning, January 14, 2014. – Source

‘Fireball’ seen streaking across sky over Northampton; reports from all over Northeastern U.S. on January 12 2014 – Source

Yet another overhead explosion in U.S.: Mysterious boom sound shakes Petersburg, Virginia area on January 11 2014 – Source

Baffled families were woken by a mysterious loud bang heard across East Yorkshire early on January 9 2014. – Source

‘Explosive’ boom rattles central Virginia homes on January 7 2014 – Source

A DRAMATIC FIREBALL broke up over Ireland on January 3 2014 – Source

Fireball meteor over Japan on January 2nd 2014

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