The Terrifying Moment A Heroic Mother Saves Her Child While Being Swallowed By A Giant Sinkhole


Residents in a town in the north of Brazil screamed in horror as they watched their homes disappear into massive sink holes on the weekend. 

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Sinkhole Brazil 2014. Photo: Globo

The terrifying incident was captured on CCTV cameras in the city of Abaetetuba in the northern state of Para. The video shows the moment gigantic craters, caused by water erosion, open up in the ground and swallow dozens of houses. This video also gives us a lesson of life and courage! Highlighted in the movie is the amazing moment a heroic mother saves her baby by throwing it out of the first floor!

Moments before the disaster happened, electrical wires above the houses started snapping and breaking. This was the warning sign that more than likely saved people’s lives – as no-one was injured in the disaster.

I would not have liked to be around this one! OMG!

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