Raging Nature: Terrifying Monster Waves Hit Portugal and France


It’s time to surf! Nature is raging and creates monster waves on the European Atlantic coast of Portugal and France. The swells are being called historic by surf enthusiasts, with potential for waves of up to sixty feet.

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monster waves portugal and France January 2014. Photo: Gaizka Iroz/AFP/Getty Images

In this first video, a huge wave, caused by the strong winds of a storm in the Atlantic, sends people running in the Foz do Duoro area of Porto (Portugal), where it destroyed several cars on January 6 2014.

In Biarritz (France) a huge wave actually killed someone. This video shows the horrifying moment couple are swept out to sea by huge wave after ignoring warnings not to walk along treacherous sea front.

The man was in the water for 20 minutes before he was saved, but rescuers have been unable to find the woman who is in her thirties.

Sometimes you better follow rules!

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