This amazing log cabin looks like a normal stack of firewood! Awesome!


Imagine, you are walking across the wood and come across this looming in the distance!

You would probably don’t care about this large stack of cut logs. But wait a minute!

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firewood stack log house. Photo: Thomas Mayer

From all angles, it seems like a normal pile of firewood.

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log house. Photo thomas mayer

But when you get closer you start seeing some lines in the wood.

firewood stack log house, amazing architecture
firewood stack log house. Thomas Mayer

These are actually windows and what you are starring at is an amazing designed pile of logs arranged into a perfectly hidden wood cabin.

firewood stack log house, Thomas Mayer, Thomas Mayer log cabin
firewood stack log house. Photo: Thomas Mayer

To most passers by, it doesn’t seem like a house at all. But in reality, it’s  a beautiful and creative space, surrounded by nature.

firewood stack log house, Photo: Thomas Mayer, log home photo, log cabin thomas mayer
firewood stack log house. Photo: Thomas Mayer

Can you imagine yourself in this log cabin with such a privacy and intimacy?

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