Amazing Nature Video: Absolutely Crazy Avalanche in Italy (Video) – February 6 2014


This crazy video is another example of how nature is powerful! Yeah, it’s so amazing! According to witnesses, this amazing avalanche rushed with an incredible roar into the valley.

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Avalanche caught on video in Italy – February 2014. Photo: ORF

The huge avalanche occurred Thursday afternoon at around 2pm in the region of Moos in the Passiria valley in South Tyrol (Italy).  The video shows the Oberpamer farm being engulfed by snow. No injuries were reported. Residents were able to escape.

Since further avalanches might follow, surrounding farms have been evacuated (Unterpamer, Mitter Piller Beibach, Flieler and Greiterhof).

Due to this incredibly large avalanche, Rabenstein, a small village will be unreachable for a week. (SOURCE)

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